District Weekend and Conference 2019-2020

Inspirational Speakers

We have been inviting some interesting and inspirational speakers and the first to accept are:-

Honorary Rotarian Stephanie Woolard, holds the RI Responsible Business Award 2016 for her work. She began Seven Women at age 22 after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. These seven women were struggling to make a living in the face of harsh discrimination. With her last $200, Steph paid for trainers to teach the women how to produce products for sale locally and abroad – and Seven Women was born. To date over 5,000 women have been empowered.

Rotarian Tom Yendell is known to most of us as the creator of Flat Spaces and as  an Artist. Tom will be telling us about the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, a self help association of artists who paint without the use of their hands

Rotarian Judith Diment Rotary Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Nations. Judith will be telling us about the strong links between Rotary and the United Nations.

Alex Rotas challenges stereotypes about ageing. She is known for her photography and speaking and through her links with health organisations.Alex is proud to be an ambassador for England Athletics #RunTogether and Active Ageing (Bristol).

Holly Budge has been quite literally on top of the world when she summited Mount Everest. Her passion for adventure is evident with two world records under her belt so far, including being the first woman to skydive Everest and race semi-wild horses 1000 kms across Mongolia in just nine days. She has raised over £300k for charities through her adventures so far.

Holly has created a powerful and award-winning campaign, entitled ‘How Many Elephants’, which presents a physical commentary on the devastating impact of the elephant ivory trade.