Our Venue

Our Weekend and Conference is being held in the Sinah Warren Coastal Hotel in Hayling Island

Hayling Island – did you know?

The island was heavily involved in the preparation for the Normandy invasion in World War II

The first surfboard was designed on Hayling Island (by a 12 year old boy!)

A Russian princess and a former chief executive of Sandeman Port are buried on the island

Until the late 19th century the island was known for its salt production, and in the 20th century for brick manufacture –both now gone 

The island was first connected to the mainland by a bridge (Langstone Bridge) in 1824 

Prior to 1824 the only way to the mainland was via the Wadeway, traces of which remain to this day 

Sinah Warren started life in the 15th Century as a “health farm” run by monks 

On Sinah Common an anti-aircraft battery has been preserved as a memorial to six gunners who died defending the Portsmouth area from a heavy air raid in April 1941 

In the Solent to the south of the island can be seen the Nab Tower, now an unmanned lighthouse but built in 1918 as part of an unused submarine defence system 

The ferry from Hayling Island to Portsmouth in now back in operation and sails from just down the road from Sinah Warren 

The island is famous for “Hayling Billy”, an old railway branch line to the island from Havant. The line now forms part of a nature trail